Arthur Lagier. 

did you see that ?

is a collection that stems from observations of daily life, of the society in which I, a young man of 20, evolve

these observations drove the volumes of this collection

its the fashionable 18-year-old guy who wears jeans that are much too big, that constantly has to pull up, its the guy who wears football joggers that are little too tight and a little too low, it’s the the silhouette of the uber eats delivery man, its the uber eats bag

image trumps reality, the oversized pants are held with the hands, the jeans’ crotch touches the ground, the t-shirt is too tight, the heels are inverted, the backs have become cubed

these volumes will come to mingle with obsessions, the idea of 1950s couture, the importance of attitude and silhouette, but also the warholian obsession for the notion of icons, notably the blood stained jackie kennedy pink suit, or the idea of a marilyn monroe