Carlo Ruffini. 

Equinox , as we know its that day of the year where we dive
through the changing of the autumn winter season, not just a
matter of weather, also a lot about light and darkness but most
importantly “balance”.
Its been decided to call the collection as mentioned due to the
ibid combination between technical wear (thermic wear,
raincoats, trench) and elegant wear (dresses, skirts , shirts.. ),
which It was meant to be represented throughout the
collection. A contribution to such ideology was also added by
the combination of fabric choice which normally would avoid
each others ( velvet, ripstop, Lycra , gabardine ).
An important visual prospective was added to the story by the
inclusion of weather condition garment affection , like wind.
The goal of equinox is to represent a minimalistic technical way
to see at garment , with the will to see practicality and elegance
as an union

As a genuine story, a personal link should always be present , in the
collection background , two main points needs to be mentioned, which
really allows the viewers to dig more personally into the continuing of the
final story.
1 first ideas about weather and outerwear :
Within the past few year I have experienced to see anomalous, floods
episodes which marked many territories around north of Italy where I am
originally from , and still seeing such episodes through out the year this
really brings me to think , that it seems like we really have to adapt to such
conditions in order to spend a normal day out .
Secondly a personal touch added to the collection comes from a long
fashion study development . Having experienced difficulties with studies I
have always worked in order to improve on the skills , having always worked
with sportswear in a really elementary way, I have decided that Equinox
collection could have been a big step forward in order to really clarify and
evolve my way to Interpret ate tech wear in high fashion standards .

A big strength added to the process with no doubt is the historical touch
given with the study on trench coats utilities throughout the time, which
really helps the balance of tech and elegant wear link in a strong and
understandable way.
Another great factor which helped in order to symbolize some looks ,is as
previously mentioned the wind input which gave the opportunity to develop
a way of draping around the waist, which surely evolved certain silhouettes
with some interesting additional volumes.

The link that is certainly strong between the looks and the model’s is
undoubtedly the vibe which transmit the message trying to express with the
looks in the show.
In the collection Its been decided to rely also as external inputs the ides of
feminine attitude , which it could really translate the characteristic of a luxury
product in something perhaps still clean and minimalistic.
The initial idea of attitude addition to the collection was the choice of
adding high shoulders to some looks with shoulder pads structures. Later on
the final option went for something new and more personal, such as idea of
elongate the proportion of length of certain silhouettes withal some loose
and falling fits .

Could we really get to the point where we will adapt
our daily based outfit on an elegant BUT practical and
technical fabric ?

On the looks outline , a shade of “frozen “ and
“sculptural” colors take the lead around the looks such
as Tiffany and beige .
The utilization of less colors on the more sculptural
looks, such as the trench coat and the trench skirt.
Thinking about the conclusion of the collection, they
should be the looks closing the show as they really
interpret ate well the concept of the collection with
volumes accessories waist draping and perfect
combination between formal and informal.
The look which best fits the topic , it’s certainly the silk
raincoat tailoring outfit, which clarifies and well
explains what the all collection is about by mixing 2
opposite styles.
The Velvet pleated dress It as been thought more as a
statement of luxury with the integration of practical
elects such as the bag back stripes or the accessorized
skirt concert also used in other looks.
And finally the denim velvet which purely identify the
sober interpretation of a clean equipped garment .

In Conclusion , the casting research applied purely
rely’s on how well the energy goes between. The
model and the garment , the particular characteristic
which certainly adds a lot of attitude its the fact on
having certain models with unique hairstyle, which
surely strengths the outfit vibe on show.