Céleste Clédat. 


Getting into my first raves back in 2019 probably changed my perception on life. Seeing this shared euphoria where individuals seems to let everything go away and express who they truly are, abolishing every socio-cultural boundaries, every « mold » that we are all casted into during the day. It’s what this is all about. Individuality and self-expression. This collection revolves around my intimate relationship with nightlife, as seen through the eyes of an innocent kid fascinated by music, painting and clothes, letting instinct and spontaneity guide every bit of the creative process. 


The color palette came from my desire to recreate the atmosphere inside a warehouse. A dark room filled with flashy, saturated lights reflecting on metallic chains and rings, and often blurred by this smelly fog full of smoke and dust clouds. Everything seems wrecked and surreal, as the shared euphoria and communion between people distorts time and perception. I wanted to share this feeling through the plasticity of clothing. 


The fabrics consist essentially of reworked leather and denim. Dancing in those muddy warehouses got our clothes stained, dirty, almost eroded by the night, as a mark of time passing by. Merging these memories with my deep interest for painting led me to use spray paint, bleach or dye on the clothes, to either embellish them through shadings and contrasts or wear them out by scraping the paint and stone washing the fabrics.