Julien Simar. 

Collection : Wenka

Wenka is a name wich is representing a group, a family, a crew, a brotherhood and especially a mentality.
the one that exceed limits through speed. That encompassed only one passion: the two-wheeled mechanics.
The scooter was an expression tool, but above all, representing an identity of its own for the one who drives it; through its color and design.
With the idea in mind to have the strongest identity and the fastest scooter.
But the speed is not eternal and in any case can fail us.
And at that moment, everything stops, like a dark night within the resonance of the engines screaming at each other, and looking for the upper hand. Suddenly a heavy noise, and, a silence that settles. A silence that can last two weeks or an eternity.

Mechanics  Bodywork  Protection  Brotherhood