Lucie Savarin. 



® Area IDF, 03/11/2022, I’m in the library looking for books on functionality and I come across the book « In search of a shared world »

Curious, I take it and read it, but remain convinced that it will have no impact on my collection.

One sentence stands out: « There is no handicap of nature but only handicaps of situation », Pierre Minaire.

Click! I found how to set up the theme and approach of my collection.

This is what I perceive: A disabled person in an accessible layout is a valid person; and its corollary, a valid person in a non-accessible layout is a disabled person (Louis-Pierre Grosbois).

Situational handicaps represent the difficulties we encounter in our daily tasks; we are limited in our movements for many reasons.

Thus, the vision of a standardised body is removed to reshuffle the cards on the imagination of disability, give it a new and dynamic vision.

From there, my own concept appears, linking the following concepts: free party, disability, mobility and functionality.

Passionate about free parties, I see them as a counterculture accustomed to solving these situational handicaps;

Indeed, the environment is not equipped with the basic comfort of modern man, so we adapt to it by setting objects. We unconsciously extend bodily capacities, but paradoxically, bodies with reduced mobility are invisible, there is a non-presence.

Inspired by these free parties and their situational disabilities, the clothes in my collection are made for both disabled and non-disabled people. Their

functionalities make it possible fo the models to adapt to all kinds of situations.

My work was based on exchanges and consultations with occupational therapists and people with disabilities. It was by dialogue with my models with a physical disability, about their needs, their difficulties, that I looked for volumes, inclusive opening and closing systems.

My system of fasteners is connected to the tactile guide paths that allow the user to find his way in the garment by the relief. I visualise my attachment system as a construction game.

Clothing and their fastening system take advantage of the cling of uninhibited objects.

Each look solves a type of situational disability;

  • You don’t have a place to hold your cup in the party, the cup holder dress will take care of it.
  • Your pocket is too small to wedge your belongings, the XXL pocket pant will do it for you.
  • Your backpack hurts your back, the bagpack pant will relieve you.

More information to come..