Théophile Davy. 

nova concordia

Our silhouettes are punctuated by the rhythms of modern life. We are all moving into the future together, in a never-ending leap forward.  Some of us are in tune with this free fall through time. They are avant-garde, their wardrobe as carefully studied as the speed and aerodynamics of a plane or TGV. 


At a time when some would like the earth to spin even faster, the cure seems obvious: a return to the garden and the natural world. 

We need to detach ourselves from the clutches of time and appreciate the present moment, favour raw materials and controlled blurring, and seek to find the perfect balance between nature and technology. 


Balance can be found in stepping back, in the present moment. 


As an antidote to the world’s turmoil, the garden acts as a refuge and cocoon.  

The garden is medicinal, healing and soothing. 

The essences perfume us, nature soothes us and time stands still. 

Nature becomes a bandage. 


Historically, the garden has always been associated with philosophy and contemplation. The gardens of the philosopher Epicurus were designed to encourage meditation and reflection. In the Middle Ages, monks cultivated curative essences in their monastery gardens. The aim was to harness the benefits of nature without altering it.  


This collection is an invitation to find the right balance between dynamism and contemplation. A call to a new harmony.