Anna Suisse. 


The inanimate body is questioning us.  


Sparkling Death 

The garment laying down on the body, draping an arm, dripping the floor. 

Dinner happy and bloody.  

Long see, no time. 

It is the celebration of observation. Investigate my details. 

Inanimate between Life and Death. After the party, here is my study. 


Look 1 – The Host 

Reception time in a chiffon nightshirt on a cotton night short with the AS satin night mask. Gone in his grey satin embroidered bathrobe. He is holding a chicken bone in his right hand.  


Look 2 – My Mom 

A white glove doesn’t mean an innocent hand. The black and brown stripes of her suit are as subtle as her mind. She is hard to read but she is easy to catch, her body is draped by eyelet. 


Look 3 – The Cute Thief 

She knows she attracts them with her stripes. Her sequin ensemble is matte but precious. She is wearing a black transparent chiffon dress with a napkin to protect herself from stains. Black heels are lost. 


Look 4 – The Player 

« Suis-moi ! Suisse-moi ! », he likes to sing. In Paris it’s Anna Swiss is printed on his white jersey tee-shirt, but nobody knows who Anna Swiss is. He is the owner of the first and only Suisse Celebration silver pendant. The Suisse Celebration is a mystery between Life and Death. I like his mustache. His brown leather gloves are falling. The grey ribbons of his suit are falling. The white leather fringes of his loafers are falling. 


Look 5 – The Liar 

Holding the AS embroidered tablecloth. A bottle of red wine is carried in the tablecloth. 

The Liar wears an AS embroidery on the back, he can lie in any way to anyone. His Written and directed by Anna Suisse white leather short isn’t a lie. To run away from lie to lie he has double-black-and-white-sandal-boots. 


Look 6 – The Heartbreaker 

A Vichy printed chiffon shirt delimited by white ribbons and a grey silk skirt assembled by grey ribbons.  

The Heartbreaker is The Host greatest addiction.  

She is holding a metal basket on a white leather doily.  

On her back is printed : Suisse Celebration.