Bao Long Duong. 

Sauce Piquante 🌶️

SICK and TIRED of the expired, tasteless, toxic masculinity? Thought so.

SAUCE PIQUANTE collection is here to spice things up. But to create a new world, we have to look back at the old one. Tradition offers lessons for the rushed modernity, it brings order to the chaos. Without it, we would be doomed.

The designer, DUONG Bao Long, is a son of Vietnamese migrants. His visits to the motherland are always cut short nevertheless, the striking difference between East and West became a creative space and the subject of his search for identity.

The codified sample of Vietnamese society he grew up in taught him the expectations for men and women; how to dress, act and keep face. But the rules are so unbelievably constricting; we should all be able to dress, feel and live the way we like. The SAUCE PIQUANTE collection is a study on the social roles of men in South-East Asia and a love letter to his cultures.

SAUCE PIQUANTE don’t be shy, put it on.