Emily Nolan Ravanona. 


You are what you buy. Packaged in these garments, you
become the product of your own consumption. You are
the consumed consumer, the new product on the
supermarket shelf. As a society, most of us can’t seem to
escape this consumerist world. Plastic is every where, in
what we eat and drink, in our clothes and even in the air
we breathe. Like in these garments, we are suffocating
and imprisoned in plastic: a packaged parka coat,
sweatpants weaved with plastic bags, vacuum-sealed mini
dress and skirt, stripy knitwear pieces like the saturated
supermarkets shelves, upcycled denim garments etc. As
seen in this casting and its diversity in age, gender and
ethnicity, every generation is caught in the same plastic
web. We have all become the pack of crisps we consumed
last Sunday. We live in a world that is completely
saturated as we are constantly sought by adds, colours,
images and much more. ‘Too much, too many’ are the
words that describe this overbearing sentiment of being
imprisoned in our consumerist obsession. How can we keep
on breathing in this packaged world?