Fintan Oehler. 

The initial starting point for my collection was more of a feeling I wanted to create rather
than referencing anything in particular.
I have a big admiration for 60s and 70s furniture and always loved watching Sci-Fi movies
so that was my starting point.
It didn’t feel natural to me to build a story or make direct references to inspirations. What
intrigued me most was the idea of comfort and discomfort, the line between something
that feels familiar and something that is new and exciting.
In general you could say developing this collection I was always most focused on finding
balance between two opposites.
Another notion that wasn’t on purpose but came within the process was the idea of
perspective. A denim combination that makes the body looks like its twisted just by
playing around with the positioning of seams. A coat and a leather jacket that don’t really
look spectacular from the front but reveal themselves once you look from a different
angle. I really like that kind of subtlety that doesn’t scream for attention.
I can’t really explain how the specific ideas came to me. I just know that I’m very bad at
designing clothes, it doesn’t feel natural to me. If there’s an idea Im trying to find within
the process of creating the most simple version of that and try to find the best
proportions and lines. No decoration, no design, no style choices, just the idea and some
sculptural work. To me that’s the closest we can get to the beauty of nature within
designing and that is my ultimate goal.
Since it was my first collection I didn’t always manage to do so but I guess it’s a practice
that takes time.
The design choice I did make were the fabrics. Since my focus was mainly on new and
uncomfortable shapes I decided to balance it out with visually comforting fabrics such as
leather or velvet so it stays relatable.
From my perspective, staying as close to the body as possible and still finding new
shapes is the most challenging task. Fashion always had to surround the same volume of
body which makes it quite difficult to find something new.
This year has been very intense professionally and personally. Creating a collection really
made me discover myself so much more and it really helped me to an extend that is hard
to describe. I’m very grateful for the experience and will continue to explore myself by