Jiawei Han. 

White Collar System

To whom it may concern, 


How are you? 

I’m writing e-mail to you today with the intention of sharing our new project called “The White Collar System” with you. 

Can you see the creatures on the street with their shirts and ties? Can you also see the creatures who are busy in the office? 

Can you also see the creatures who are alone, smoking downstairs? All these creatures with their glasses and ties and deformed bodies? Yes, they are the humans of this century. 

They are called Office men. 


Sometimes I wonder why these men and women are so obsessed with their work, they don’t seem to enjoy it, they just work instinctively as if they would die if they stopped working. 

I think most of the people in this world live too hard, we don’t all have free will because most humans don’t have the right to choose the work they want to do and with the rapid changes in the world we seem to need to sacrifice ourselves more and more to get the freedom that should be ours. 

We are becoming more and more miserable and numb in the process, as if we have lost our emotions and become more of a working creature, or working robot, which I call the new human evolution. 

The office is always white, the walls are white, the clothes are white, the paper is white, even the light is white, the office is like a white nightmare, I am afraid of the office because I am afraid of a life without freedom, I have never been in an office but my instinctive fear of the office is based on my fantasies. 


About system 

The system is the indivisible boss of us all, he is even the boss of our boss, essentially he is just a pile of metal and code, yet we all work for him willingly but we probably even don’t understand the reason. 


The system is so cruel to humans that it has changed their minds and bodies, even me, and you may concern. 


Best regards, JIA WEI HAN 

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