Joseph Pléssix. 

Like you soldiers

My collection untitled “Like Toy Soldiers” analyses the idea of positivity and optimism. Through a representation of a travel in an imaginary world, inspired by movies such as Alice in Wonderland or even The Wizard of Oz, the collection shows how tough moments in life can be overcome with joy and dream, in a world of wonders. The travel experience depicted through my line up is originally inspired by polar exploration brought to a stage of surrealism. I want my collection to symbolize rebirth and the overcoming of difficulties. Polar exploration is known to be a tough journey, therefor by choosing to see this travel with an optimistic eye, it can become a surreal journey to discover your own self. I chose to name my collection “Like Toy Soldiers” because I see each individual and myself even more, as soldiers, overcoming events in life, good or bad, tough, or smooth, having to interpret these times  as they wish in order to make a life a great adventure. I like to see my models as soldiers going on an exploration journey and transforming it into something magical. The very naïve aesthetic of my line up shows how a child would react facing hard times or casual events. A child does not see problems in its life until a certain stage of age, making his whole childhood a smooth experience. I believe the way kids face their encountering towards beings or moments should be a way for everybody, young or old to act because it only brings more joy. 

Through a colour palete inspired by the pop culture scene as well as kids’ toys or even reference movies, my collecction aims to bring joy, positivity and enlightenment to the people encountering my show, for them to let go of the dullness and sadness of so many things in life, just like Toy Soldiers.