Maddy Griffiths. 

Lost and Found

My collection is based around the concept of the lost and found- the idea of objects and garments that have been abandoned. My research was rooted firstly in the various subcultures of my home, London, thinking about the people around me, what kind of objects and garments they might have left behind. I continued this research to look into a variety of British subcultures, New Romantics, Mods, Teddies… The eclecticism that derived from these various British subcultures, allowed to curate a kind of personal museum of objects and imagery that I had lost and was excited to be able to use again. It allowed me to go back to look the imagery from various books, artists and objects that have been influential consistently in my development creatively, for instance, Herbert Gehr and his photography of women in military which influenced some of the silhouette choices, or 70s pachinko pinball machines and Toshio Saekis work which inspired the colour palette. The broad iconography was edited and refined through the lens of what I aim to represent, the contemporary woman, and the goal became to represent how eclectic and multifaceted she is. The pieces weave together to be able to create an imagined story line of where she might have found what she’s wearing and how she has carefully chosen each element to work together, each piece with its own imagined history, from lost and founds everywhere.