Manfredi Bettoni. 


My collection is a hybridation of Japanese and American cultures. I have been inspired by a Japanese movement from the 50’s, called Ametora. This latter means “American Traditional” and emerges after the WWII as Japanese people wanted to soften their cultural roots to embrace the occidental world. They selected some features of the American lifestyle and adapted them to their footprint. So the way Japanese men dressed was set by what Americans had worn years before. Denim is a good example of this cultural shift.I wanted to make my own Ametora, and drift it in a new direction. I have always been interested by the American hip hop and gang culture by liste-ning to rap music. And while living in the US, I met the Japanese way of ma-king garments, their attention to simple and small details in denim design. The two universes were there together.My collection is a mix-and-match of some features of American and Ja-panese cultures. In the way they shaped my creative universe and the mood I like, where big things and little details coexist and reinforce each other.I have selected garments from both countries and put them in a new way to shape the body.For the Japanese side, I have chosen an old classical wardrobe of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, like the Momohoki, the Haori or the clothes worn un-der the kimono. For the American side I have picked up a 80’s/90’s type of clothes worn by rappers from New York, like the Wutang, with some baggy garments as De-nim Jackets, Jeans or baseball Shirts. My outfits are made by sustainable fa-bric as I want them to portray a dimension that is a must for the future.My collection is a new stair in the footsteps of Ametora creativity. It repre-sents an original blending of two lifestyles. Because culture is also modern and personal adaptation of old ingredients.