Paula Dischinger. 

Is the human being a herd animal?


Have you ever have you ever 

seen a cow standing on a field? 

seen a cow standing alone on a field? 



tell me, if i am weird, but i never saw a cow standing alone on the field. 



it does not work, the cow needs other cows around itself to l ife, to breathe, to eat, to produce milk, to digest, to talk, to move, and in the, end of the day to produce children, which are also not standing , alone on those fields. 


no matter if it is a   herd of cows, or a group of birds, a elephant family or a mouse collocation, there is always a certain connection between them, a connection in their behaviour, which can be visible, such as the classical v shape birds produce once they escape from the winter in europa, flying in the warm climate zones in north africa or south europe.

it can be invisible or at least not as clearly visible for us humans, kangoorooos might look like they wold never ever really care about where they jump next, but watching them for a long time, or taking some close ups the connections and interactions are clearly visible, such as the mom giving birth to a foetus, which will directly go back in the moms bag, and grow there for another 4 months. this is all what scientists found out over the years through watching animals. 

Its nothing to spectaclular if i tell you I am watching or scientifically looking at us, us humans. and to begin with, i am more than sure that the border between what we call animal and human is not to big. maybe there can note even been drawn a certain line, until here we have this, the restarts this. Unlike human thinking, maybe we have to  solve those boarders especially  when we forget abou the outside looking and signs which anyway are just created by genes , we try to focus on the main point, behaviour and actions between us. 


my aim the last few month was to r quest theoretically what is there between us humans? and i started with looking at what animals do, sometimes its easier not to point with a naked finger on the person, the situation you talk about but comparing it with something similar would be a better solution, and can be digested more easily. we all know how hard it is to start by ourselves, so my aim is to take this

red pointing finger, which is found in nearly any pieces , to take it and point at something, since we move our fingers day and night, conscious and un innocuous there is still randomness in moving the finger , the attention point, planned and more spontaneous, direct and indirect. 

i point at you, you, ja you, reading this right now, but i also point at me, ja, me, writing this right now. 

 and now it is given by the system, this deadline, that web both communicate, we communicate indirectly, since i write 

Or better type this text here, and since you, start reading. 

communication is borderless , and breaks systems, it can be through anything, words, texts, gestures, materials, feelings, music, sounds, tastes, all the senses are included. 

 senses: eyes for looking, tongue for tasting, nose for smelling, ears for listing and hands for feeling, 

those words are giving limits, but are there really limits? 

conventionally the eyes can do by definition see and precept  what is going on around us, but please do not forget that those senses can work together. They can interact and speak to each other, like turtles, but we freaking do not understand it, since our ears are not made for it. ask scientists for an explanation, they analyse those sounds. 

ask me what is going on in those 1o looks. 

1o looks are there to point out the herd idea, 1o looks are there to point at something, 1o look a re also there to show behaviour, 1o looks are there to break conventions, and might go against the system, of course depending on what is precepted by the person getting in touch with it, 

there is never just one person, or is there ? wait where is the Second one, i am not seeing it, open your eyes wider i would advise you, make them so big hat i can see the whit part around your pupils, ok, a starting point, but for sure not the finish line, like in a 100 meter s print , for sure not the end of a 42 km marathon, not the end of a fairytale also not the end of a life, no death, but process, development in a ny kind of way.  

because there is this word communication and interaction, nothing stands still, never. 

if i would have to write a book, i would not use a single word, if i tell you everything in the beginning i limit your brainstorms, and even y our interaction between you and your surrounding, 

that leads me to the point i am giving you a few key points, to prepare brainstorms a riverbed. 

nature found in fabrics, colour, seeds, material, herd found in people and herds found everywhere endless communication, physically but also in a brighter sense, generations meeting everywhere, young and old, free and bounded, bounded and prisoned, red alarm red, 

no yes and eyes everywhere, quiet and loud, 

living and still life. 

humans and animals, you draw the lines, 

and they can not be drawn wrong, 

they can extend the lines i try to offer you and i tell you they should cross those lines. 

they grow over, they break, they escape, 

they work together, the a re even stronger, they connect 


i would ignore you, if i tell you what i found out in all this process. 


one thing i want to mention and I want to type is: this herd idea is everywhere, even with consciously 

being alone, trying to escape, you somehow are part of this herd, it is just a certain form of the herd idea. 


this herd is beautiful, its the most aesthetic thing on the earth, it is endless and you are the one, who draws the lines, its not me, and i don’t even try, 

because, i can not hold your pencil. 

yon draw!