Romane Glandier. 


*’Chainsuck’: A few years ago,and yet every day,I have been observing and capturing what I call now the poetry of the street. The interaction between objects, nature, humans and time, were strikingly speaking to each other butno one looking at them. I would capture them as photographs in form of a portrait and call them the textures. The portraits felt like renascence of the past, reminiscence of present, and artifact of future. A silent interactionhowever a screaming beauty.I seek to bring a thinking of the relationship between chaos and beauty, which is directly related to our existence. The collection called ‘chain suck’ (The tendency of achainto stick tochainringsand be sucked up into the bicycle instead of coming off the chainring, especially if it iswornor if conditions are dirty.),is a metaphor of society’s condition, the duality between artifacts we leave behind and the divinity of existence.The fashion translation of this concept is directly included in the conception process as well, accidental beauty during the process, upcycled ridding pieces, twisted drapes, puffy airbag bombers and asymmetric constructions, smashed accessories and urbanorganic textures.‘Chainsuck’is an urban ecosystem, an analogy of classes, an insolent and raw nervous tissue, a bruised environment, with an antinomic lexical field, with rimmed eyes, white skies, chrome lakes and featherless crows. ‘Chainsuck’is an allegorical language that portrays the essence of an era.