Ruoyu Xi. 

« Rediscovering Manchu identity as a subculturalist » is a testament to the beauty, complexity
and resilience of Manchu culture. In a world of evolving cultures, how does Manchu fashion
find its place in modern society? I have created a harmonious blend of past and present
through traditional elements fused with modern design techniques. In this series up, I studied
the traditional clothing of the Manchu people, known as « Qi ». I explored the intricate
craftsmanship, delicate fabrics and symbolic patterns that define this timeless garment. By
studying their costume traditions and exploring their place in contemporary fashion, I hope to
ignite a renewed appreciation for this fascinating subculture. I pay homage to the Manchu
heritage and demonstrate the extraordinary beauty of Manchu identity through the art of
costume design. I reveal the efforts of individuals and communities dedicated to preserving
and promoting Manchu culture through fashion. From grassroots initiatives to established
organizations, I explore the impact of this renaissance and the importance of respecting
cultural heritage in a rapidly changing world.